Reminder: What You’ll Regret.

To the guy whose eyes make her heart stop,

I just want to let you know this. There are things that can be described with words. Like the beauty of the sky that blooms into cotton candy colors on dawn. Or the sun that slowly turns all those pretty hues into grey on dusk. Or the stars that have always been staring with jealousy at the moon that illuminates the night with such a delicacy. There are things that can be described with such words, indeed. But when it comes to her, words won’t just collide side by side easily.

For a fresh start, she is the kind of beauty that everyone admires because of her pretty face. Indeed, I won’t disagree with the fact that she’s pretty outside. Because she is. And everyone knows that. But, the other kind of beauty she is, is that she gives all of her for people without expecting something in returns. Thus, makes her kind of beauty radiates something more powerful than the delicacy of moon that dedicates its whole life to reflect such a light that’s never its.

On good days, she would listen to people and give that eyes of concerned for those in need. She would look constantly after people, even though in return she would only get a small hum of thank-you’s after giving all of her to them. On good days, she put people first and let alone herself be put second third fourth or so on after those people. She is too damn good of a person. One of the kind that’s constantly reminding people of every good in every bad, of every high in every low. Oh how pretty that little mind of her.

But, I know exactly how that little mind of her works. She copes things up with smile. Over and over again. And although she smiles for most of the time, she screams out her demons inside. She also has her bad days—those days when she can no longer cope with her screaming thoughts and all she wants to do is to shut the hell up all those screams inside. She has her own anxiety, her own desperation, her own worries.

So please, I only want one thing from you.

Don’t let her slip away from your grip—for you will regret everything she has done to make you come this far. Don’t let her shred a single tear—for you will ask yourself twice of why you let such a precious thing like her disappointed in you. Don’t let her fight her demon alone—for you will hate yourself that you can’t even help her out of it. And if she ever decided to walk away one day, remind yourself that she’s tired of fighting alone.

You have everything good in your hand. Don’t let it slip. She’s pretty, she’s wonderful—she is every definition of every good thing in this life.

I hope you don’t let yourself figure that after she leaves.

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Jimbaran, 23rd February 2017.
Written after a small conversation with a friend whose heart belongs to a guy who never appreciates shits. I do hope people realize what they have is a great thing under their nose. I do hope people realize that happiness is just right around the corner. I do hope life won’t be a regret for anyone. So live the very moment and appreciate what we have. Life’s too good to gush out about the negativity in life.


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